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December 2, 2010

Higher Education Today, created by NACAC member Steve Goodman, is a monthly TV talk show about the contemporary higher education community. It is not only a behind-the-scenes look at people and institutions involved in education, but also a resource for students and families eager for more information about educational options.

Goodman, an independent counselor from Washington, DC, started the Higher Education Today series at the suggestion of the president of the University of the District of Columbia. The show’s half-hour format allows for serious discussion about important education issues, and is able to move beyond the cursory coverage of various news items. The show is intended to reach teachers, students, counselors, parents, administrators, and policymakers trying to keep up with issues in the education world. “Higher Education Today provides professional development for our colleagues in the education world, and at the same time gives education leaders a platform in our nation’s capital to discuss key issues,” says Goodman.

This semester’s episodes are now available online:

* Episode 1: Access to Higher Education – featuring NACAC CEO Joyce Smith and NACAC member Greg Grauman, director of admissions at American University (Washington, DC).

* Episode 2: Transitions to School and Work – featuring guests Carol Christen, author of What Color is Your Parachute? For Teens, and Dr. Andrea Leiman, co-author of College Admissions Together: It Takes a Family.

* Episode 3: Community Colleges – featuring guests Dr. Jonathan Gueverra, CEO of the Community College of the District of Columbia, and James A. Boyle, president of College Parents of America.

* Episode 4: Careers in Health Care – featuring guests Yolanda Haywood, M.D., associate dean of George Washington University Medical Center, and Henryne Tobias, project director for ExploreHealthCareers.org.

* Episode 5: Unconventional Options – featuring NACAC members Katie Green, admission counselor at Warren Wilson College (NC), and Nick Atkinson, director of US admissions for Richmond University in London.

Goodman encourages NACAC members to contact him about interesting things being planned on campuses to highlight important education initiatives around the country. Taping begins again in January.

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