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HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY is a television talk show that connects viewers to contemporary issues, people, and institutions involved in the world of higher education. The show has won seven education Telly Awards and three Excellence in Local Journalism Dateline Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, Washington, D.C. Professional Chapter.


HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY runs on UDC-TV; host is educational consultant and author Steven Roy Goodman. Each half-hour episode covers a new education subject.

Episode 90 – Community-Based Medical Education – Guest is Steven J. Scheinman, M.D., President and Dean, The Commonwealth Medical College:

Please click here to read The Commonwealth Medical College’s press release about the community-based medical education episode.

Episode 89 – Sustainability and Universities – Guests are Dr. Gerrit Knaap, Executive Director, National Center for Smart Growth Research, University of Maryland, and Kiel Edson, Master’s Candidate, Conservation Biology and Environmental Policy, University of Maryland:

Episode 88 – Alumni Engagement – Guests are Mark Thaden, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, University of Mary Washington, and Hardy Vieux, Past President, Duke Alumni Association:

Episode 87 – LSAT Score-Flagging – Guests are Shelley Broderick, Dean, UDC David A. Clarke School of Law, and Matthew Kaplan, UDC Law Student/Successfully Challenged LSAT Flagging Policy:

Episode 86 – Deaf Education – Guest is Dr. Julie Mitchiner, Education Professor, Gallaudet University:

Please click here to read the transcript of the Deaf Education episode.

Episode 85 – Athletes and Unions – Guest is Arthur McAfee, Esq., Sports Attorney, The McAfee Group:

Episode 84 – Student Affairs Professionals – Guest is Dr. Cindi Love, Executive Director of ACPA, College Student Educators International, formerly known as the American College Personnel Association:

Episode 83 – Tigers for Tigers – Guest is Sean Carnell, National Coordinator, Tigers for Tigers:

Episode 82 – Digital Badges – Guest is Professor Daniel T. Hickey, Learning Sciences Program, Indiana University:

Episode 81 – David Garfinkle, Broadway Producer – Guest is David Garfinkle, CEO of Hello Entertainment, Entertainment Lawyer, and Producer of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” “Ghost,” “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” and “The Realistic Joneses”

Episode 80 – Johnny Clegg, Musician and Anthropologist – Guest is Johnny Clegg, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Anthropologist, British-born South African French Knight, and former Grammy Nominee:

Episode 79 – Low-Income Students, Trinity Washington University – Guest is Patricia McGuire, President, Trinity Washington University:

Episode 78 – Asperger’s and Autism in College – Guests are Dr. Gonzalo Laje, Washington Behavioral Medicine Associates, and HM, Student, George Mason University:

Episode 77 – Scottish Independence Referendum Debate – Guests are Dr. Stephen Watson, University of Glasgow, Founder, Academics for Yes, and Professor Hugh Pennington, University of Aberdeen, Leader, Academics Together:

Please click here for the Scottish Screen Archive’s full record of the
Scottish Independence Referendum Debate segment.

Episode 76 – University of Aberdeen – Guests are Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Aberdeen, and Megan Dunn, President, Aberdeen University Students’ Association (AUSA):

Episode 75 – The Lincoln University, HBCUs – Guest is Dr. Robert R. Jennings, President, The Lincoln University:

Episode 74 – Nazarbayev University – Guest is Dr. Simon Jones, Provost, Nazarbayev University (Astana, Kazakhstan):

Episode 73 – Jim Lehrer – Guest is Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor, PBS NewsHour:

Please click here to read the transcript of the Jim Lehrer episode.

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