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HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY is a television talk show that connects viewers to contemporary issues, people, and institutions involved in the world of higher education. The show has won seven education Telly Awards and three Excellence in Local Journalism Dateline Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, Washington, D.C. Professional Chapter.


HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY runs on UDC-TV; host is educational consultant and author Steven Roy Goodman. Each half-hour episode covers a new education subject.

Episode 137 – Spy Schools – Guest is Daniel Golden, Pulitzer Prize Winner and Author of Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America’s Universities:

Episode 136 – Rural South Africa – Guests are Joyene Isaacs, Head, Western Cape Department of Agriculture, and Michael Bennish, Executive Director, Mpilonhle:

Episode 135 – Women’s and Gender Studies – Guest is Dr. Mary Hames, Director, Gender Equity Unit, University of the Western Cape:

Episode 134 – Religion and Spirituality on Campus – Guests are Father John Enslin, Archdiocese of Cape Town; Professor Abdulkader Tayob, Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town; Vanessa Valkin, Former Editor, South African Jewish Report; and Makhosandile Ndzuzo, Member, Gaba Clan:

Episode 133 – Music Education – Guests are Camillo Lombard, Co-Founder, Cape Music Institute, and Mary Anne Constable, Singer-Songwriter:

Episode 132 – The State of History – Guests are Sekibakiba Lekgoathi, Department of History, University of the Witwatersrand; Nicholas Wolpe, CEO, Liliesleaf Museum; and Mbongeni Ngema, Composer and Playwright:

Episode 131 – Laurie Levine at Liliesleaf – Guest is Laurie Levine, Singer-Songwriter:

Episode 130 – Careers in Aviation – Guests are (1) Ashok Poduval, CEO, Massey University School of Aviation; (2) Sam Dawson, Graduate Flight Instructor, Massey University School of Aviation; (3) Isaac Henderson, Assistant Lecturer/Ph.D. Student in Aviation, Massey University; (4) Andrew Vialoux, Flight Instructor, Massey University School of Aviation; (5) Elena Soiee Jung, Aviation Student, Massey University; (6) Martina Daskova, Ph.D. Student in Aviation, Massey University; (7) Anke Smith, Manager of International Programs, Massey University School of Aviation; and (8) John Murrie, Senior Tutor, Massey University School of Aviation:

Episode 129 – Veterinary Medicine – Guests are (1) Jenny Weston, Dean, Massey Veterinary School; (2) Brett Gartrell, Professor of Wildlife Health, Massey University; (3) Corey Regnerus, Past President, Student Association, Massey Veterinary School; and (4) Eloise Jillings, Associate Dean, Massey Veterinary School:

Episode 128 – New Zealand Society – Guests are (1) Meihana Durie, Head, School of Maori Studies, Massey University; (2) Paul Spoonley, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Massey University; (3) Greta Mellinger, Student, Cornell University; (4) Logan March, Student, University of Pittsburgh; and (5) Laiken Thompson, Student, Hendrix College:

Please click here to read the Massey University media release about the episodes from New Zealand.

Episode 127 – Food Safety – Guests are (1) Steve Flint, Professor of Food Safety, Massey University; (2) Nigel French, Director, New Zealand Food Safety & Research Centre; (3) Haoran Wang, Ph.D. Student in Food Microbiology, Massey University; and (4) Emmanuel Kyere, Ph.D. Student in Food Microbiology, Massey University:

Episode 126 – Refugees and the Arts, UCL – Guests are (1) Shireen Walton, Teaching Fellow, Anthropology UCL; (2) Georgios Kritikos, Associate Professor, Harokopio University; (3) Ruth Mandel, Vice-Dean International, UCL; (4) Clelia Clini, Postdoctoral Fellow, Biosciences UCL; and (5) Tess Altman, Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology UCL:

Episode 125 – Greek Immigration and Emigration – Guests are (1) The Honorable Yannis Boutaris, Mayor of Thessaloniki; (2) Professor Ariadni Stogiannidou, Vice Rector, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; (3) Lydia Chikhani, Teacher and Master’s Student in Museology; (4) Fatime Menalla, Cultural Heritage Journalist; (5) Professor Matoula Scaltsa, Art Historian-Museologist, Aristotle University; (6) Dr. Sokratis Kioussis, Museologist-Historian, Aristotle University; (7) Professor Georgios Anagnostou, Modern Greek Program, Ohio State University; (8) Eleanna Grammatopoulou, School of Architecture Student, Aristotle University; (9) Nikos Poulopoulos, Assistant Professor, Greek Studies, University of Missouri-St. Louis; (10) Angeliki Tsiotinou, Ph.D. Candidate and Fulbright Scholar; and (11) Mado Milosi, School of Architecture Student, Aristotle University:

Episode 124 – World Smarts STEM Challenge – Guests are (1) Jim Egenrieder, Research Faculty, Virginia Tech; (2) Cosmos Eminah, University of Education, Winneba; (3) Winston Lamptey, Accra Academy; (4) Catherine Johnson, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School; (5) Todd Richardson, McKinley Technology Parent Teachers Organization; (6) Megan Richardson, McKinley Technology High School; (7) Kayla Stewart, McKinley Technology High School; (8) Gideon Nyarkoh, Winneba Senior High School; and (9) Kristin Lord, President and CEO, IREX:

Episode 123 – Dr. Ruth, Sex on Campus – Guest is Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Psychosexual Therapist & Author:

Episode 122 – Tourism – Guests are Li Li, Senior Lecturer in Business and Management, Bath Business School, Bath Spa University; David Chadwick, Member, Driver-Guides Association; and Peter Ducker, Chief Executive, Institute of Hospitality:

Episode 121 – Global Citizenship – Guest is Professor Christina Slade, Vice-Chancellor, Bath Spa University:

Episode 120 – Heritage Studies – Guests are Sarah Morton, Lecturer in Heritage, Bath Spa University, and Stephen Dunning, MA Student in Heritage Management, Bath Spa University:

Episode 119 – Art History – Guest is Nicholas Ross, Director, Art History Abroad:

Episode 118 – Human Rights Education – Guest is Manfred Nowak, Professor of International Law and Human Rights, University of Vienna:

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